Commas: They're Not Just For English Majors Anymore.  EXERCISES 2

Note: these exercises may not make sense if you haven't already visited the Review page.

The idea here is to "justify" the use of the comma(s) in the sentences below. On a piece of paper write the code (IE, CE, 2IC, CA, NRE) that corresponds to the commas used in the following sentences.  For extra fun, some of the commas are incorrect - that is, they can't be justified.

  • As he laughed out loud at the Peanuts cartoon, they realized he was in idiot.
  • Redbook, the women's fashion magazine, recently merged with Sports Illustrated and will now feature stories about snappily-dressed men and women facing off in rugby matches.
  • Before reaching the bank,1 the robbers were forced to turn back because Jacko,2 that conceited clown,3 started juggling right in front of them.
  • My professor's mortal enemies, Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, cut in front of us at the movies last night.
  • Before I eat that fried,1 pretentious-looking frog,2 I believe I'll have another glass of wine.
  • Shaved cats rarely like to cuddle, and they hate to be made fun of.
  • Public parking is a safety issue, because I get really mad when I can't find my car.
  • Listening to the old woman, Quentin heard her mention the dog he lost in a poker game.
  • Darla, who is usually so sensitive that she won't tell anyone how she feels, refused to go to the monster truck rally. 
  • Wearing a blindfold while driving a car may sound like a stupid idea, but not to those who have tried it.
  • I believe, therefore, that alcoholics are comical and fun to have on college campuses.
  • I love wearing bowling shoes to work, especially when my boss is there.
  • I looked to my left, however, something didn't look right.
2008 Joseph Sigalas

IE: Introductory Elements

CE: Contrasting Elements

2IC: Two Independent Clauses

CA: Compound or Coordinate Adjectives

NRE: Non-Restrictive Elements

A Few Other Situations (quotations, lists, etc.)